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About us

MRX Systems specializes in development and maintenance of software and other data-processing services in the field of aviation engineering.

New approach

As a specialist in the field of computer science and aeronautical engineering MRX Systems offers complete solutions that can be applied to all participants from the aviation technology, such as for operators in maintenance, pilots, technicians and the Board.

Continuous quest for quality

MRX Systems guarantees you a comprehensive selection of technologies and products, the search for a stylish and minimalist design, smooth navigation and the profound care with customer relations.

Constant search for user comfort

MRX Systems cuts your software to your specific needs. The software is therefore available in various formats such as MS Windows, or as native applications for iOS (iPhone / iPad).

Guaranty of safety in aviation

The product developed by MRX Systems allows you to secure and maintain your documents, quick access to digitalized data without restrictions concerning distance, a solution to the problem of data storage of your documents, providing information to affected users, and an avoidance of damage caused by forgery or tampering of the documents. In addition, the software allows you to actively manage your documents and electronic archiving. MRX Systems improves the performance of the services which means saving money and time.

Meeting your expectations

MRX Systems offers you the opportunity to improve your software features. Optimal development of new application modules and a new interfaces is possible.
MRX Systems is a flexible and quick to react human sized company.

The management team

Maxime Mériaux MRX etechlog mro maintenance
Maxime Mériaux
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Arnaud Veron
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Michel Mériaux MRX etechlog mro maintenance
Michel Mériaux
EASA Expert
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