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Version 5.4.8

Last Flight Calendar Generic Counter

Our system now offers a new feature that allows the creation of a counter based on the last flight undertaken. This functionality can be particularly useful for scheduling tasks that need to be performed a specific number of days after a flight, such as 30 days post-flight. Whether it's maintenance, follow-up reports, or any other time-sensitive activity, this tool ensures that all necessary actions are taken on time, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Version 5.4.7

MSM / ALS Data Loader

Imagine being able to retrieve the Maintenance Servicing Manual and all Airworthiness Limitations for your helicopters directly from T.I.P.I, Airbus Helicopters' online publication service. And with just a few clicks, you can upload the latest MSM / ALS in Blue Eye.

Just upload the document and the system not only creates all maintenance requirements but also goes a step further. 
When you upload the latest version, Blue Eye is capable of detecting which existing job cards need to be revised or added. It then automatically updates or adds these requirements, ensuring your data is always current and comprehensive.
You can easily create a customized maintenance program, and revise it just as easily. 

Safran Engine Loader

Our collaboration with Safran on the new Logbook Connect service revolutionizes the way engine parts are loaded into our clients’ database, making it faster and more efficient.
By simply providing a document from Safran, our system can quickly and accurately load an extensive range of parts in the blink of an eye. 
This streamlined process not only ensures accuracy but also eliminates manual data entry, reducing the time from a full day to just a few minutes.

MRO Request Generation on a Third Party Database

This feature enables you to generate a quotation on the MRO center’s database with one click. 
The quotation will be based on the maintenance order created by the airworthiness manager.
The MRO can turn the automatically generated quotation into a work order. 
The Airworthiness Managers will see the up-to-date work progress and receive the full work report as soon as it is generated.  
This time-saving innovation is beneficial for both Operators and MRO centers.

View Duplicates

This new functionality allows you to check for duplicate items in your inventory (same P/N and S/N). 

How to Access the New Feature:

- Open the 'Inventory Status' module.
- Navigate to the 'Inventory Items' tab.
- Click on 'View Duplicates'.
Once you initiate this feature, the system will display any duplicate items within your inventory. If you wish to return to the overall view of your stock, simply click the button again to revert to the global inventory view.


Auto-Print Feature

If you turn on the Auto-Print, every 40 seconds the system checks if a new part is added to the inventory and automatically prints the label out.

Generate Job Card

The 'Generate Job Cards' feature allows users to create a job card directly from the Components Status, Publications, and Miscellaneous Items modules.

With this functionality, you can directly create and link a job card to a tracking event.

It will be automatically added to the maintenance program of the selected aircraft without the need to create a revision for inclusion.

This streamlined process enhances efficiency in managing aircraft maintenance schedules.

Physical Inventory

This feature helps you to prepare the items you want to count on the desktop version, then
you can take your iPad and go physically check the items, shelf by shelf.
In the end, you process the corrections from the desktop and validate the physical inventory.


aircraft maintenance solutions blue eye mrx
aircraft maintenance solutions blue eye mrx

Version 5.4.5

Blue OPS

- New Module: Crew Activity Control

- New Module: OPS Settings for Crew Duty and Rest requirements


Version 5.4.2 + 5.4.3 + 5.4.4

Blue OPS

- New features implemented

Desktop version 5.4.1
and Blue Eye eTechlog app version 5.1


- See in iTunes 

Blue EYE

​- Techlogs: New module layout with additional information (Pax list, W&B)​

Blue MRO

- Work Orders: New progress bar when generating full work report pdf


- Stock orders: New feature "Load order items from Excel template"

Blue OPS

- New module released: "Crew Planning"

Version 5.4.0

Global Improvements:

- Grids upgrade to latest version

- New modern skins available

Blue EYE

- Airbus Fleet Keeper connectivity: New feature "Set Dues" implemented

- Techlogs: Show date difference in flight grid (+1)

Blue MRO

- Invoices: Invoice based on work order actual man hours


- Stock Orders: Currency rates connected to live API

- Stock orders: New feature "Load inventory items from Excel template"

Blue OPS

- New modules released: "Weight & Balance Setup" and "Flight Plans"


Version 5.3.0

Blue MRO

- Quotations: Related Files - New feature to update Resources from Quotations

- Work Orders: Possibility to select or modify Fitted/Removed components related job cards


- Stock orders: New feature "Load order items from Excel template"

- Stock Orders: Export order report as pdf with selected items related files

Blue OPS

- First modules released: "Crew Members" and "Experience Rules"


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