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New Developments








Multi Currency Feature

In Blue MRO, you used to have a unique currency to manage your maintenance project, these times are gone!

You are now able to select any currency you want to complete your purchase orders, handle your quotations, run your maintenance project.

Multi Threshold Management

We proudly introduced the multi-threshold management feature.

As this short and easy-to-consume video will show (here), this new functionality allows you to make interdependent an unlimited amount of actions.

In other words, you can set up different trackings and link one to another so they will get automatically activated once a repetitive or a one-time action is completed.

Follow the tutorial and let yourself be taken away by this user-friendly update!

Helicopter Mode

After releasing the quick flight mode for eTechlog, pursuing our goal to be always better and more efficient, we introduced a complementary setting: the helicopter mode.

This tailored feature replaces “block off / on” fields with “engine start/stop” to be more adapted to helicopter operators.

At MRX Systems, we cut our product to your needs.





JobCards Operations

The operations feature will meet each MRO center’s expectations: in addition to operations that can be set in advance for each task, you can add operations and even sign them to request the technician’s signature to validate.

Connexion with Cyber Jet

In line with our vision to integrate as many interfaces with other software and services as possible, we proudly unveiled a bridge between Blue MRO and

Cyber Jet, a software for OPS management.

Benefiting from the best of both solutions, improve your workflow and gain efficiency.

We hope that this new connection will follow the example of the Skylegs x MRX Systems connection which allows operators to save 5+ hours of work a month.

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